Thursday, January 1, 2009

in the case of family, friends and love.

i keep getting closer and closer to my family and i love it.
my mom and i are still two peas in pod. she's always been there for me through all the things i've been through this year and i've done the same. i guess the apple does fall not too far from the tree. my sisters are uber awesome haaaa. although lani's JDM transformation is starting to worry me (she speaks japanese and reads hellla anime!), joyce's exessive interest in sports (she's doing cross country, softball, AND basketball!) and pelita's socialite ways (she myspaces just as much as i do! ha).... i love em the same as i always have, if anything probably more.... and dad has actually gone through a complete turnaround, personality wise; more fun and supportive, something i never really saw as a kid.

i feel as if i'm falling into the ADULT phase of my life waaay too soon. i've become more dependent on myself as being my friend because i don't let myself down... i've learned from my mistakes; choosing to let certain people in my life and thinking that they were really good people. it's time for me to really put up my guard again, which i hate doin. but in all honesty i hate doin this because i lose out on the REALLY good people that i choose to block out. if only it was sooo easy to find people that CLICK with me and not just leech on me for kindness, sympathy and my time. i don't wanna deal with that kinda people from now on so i'm not going to put in a lot into a relationship if it's not going to be reciprocated.

i miss the zoos. even though i've seen them a couple times, this past holiday has been a crazy one for me and for all of us. hopefully there will be a full blown reunion! but regardless. the zoo animals were a group of people i met in highschool that came from different cliques/backgrounds and even though we were all different, we all got along soooo well. and almost 5 years later here we are. love the zoos! VIVA LA ZOO ANIMALS!

love. love is unconditional yet we love under certain conditions. why are we so picky? i dunno but i know i've picked the right one. it's been a crazy year for me and joeDADDY but we've come up top, over all of it. and i'm glad i can still stand his prickly chin on my cheek, his huggable lovable LOVE handles, his nightly cravings for snacks, his lil lip twitch that he does when he's lying... everything. and i'm grateful he can still love me after all that we've been through. with every weight lifted off our shoulders the stronger we become. :)

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