Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this homeless man,

was on the corner on on the I17 and dunlap.

joe and i were leaving barnes & nobles
and saw him on our way to school.

we always try to give what we can but there's always doubt in the back of my mind about what they'd do with the money.... drugs, alcohol... so i always try to give food. the only thing i had on me was my 2/3 full 20 ounce bottle of Bolthouse Farm berry juice. the homeless man took it along with joe's dollar. he took a sip while we waited for the light to turn green and we could read his lips say, "that's damn good."

why was he standing there with his cart and worn out clothes? why was he homeless? why wasn't anyone helping him?



airieelira said...

in response to "why was he standing there with his cart and worn out clothes? why was he homeless? why wasn't anyone helping him?"

because he either really eFFed up in his past, he's a veteran, which might effect him (mental health) from doing something accomplishing, or he's too damn lazy to get back on his feet and do something with himself or maybe he doesn't have any reason to make better for himself because he doesn't have motivation that someone could provide him like someone he loved, but had lost. there's a lot of answers to your questions. the only way to find out of why he'd turn out the way he did is by asking him and why he can't better himself. (i know that's obvious lol).

For the people around us including us we think similarly like it's not our fault and it's not our business. we have our own problems and we learn to deal with it or we find ways to solve our problems. We think that our problems may not reflect on their dilemma but there's always a way to fix it and by the way we think, if we can fix our problems, so can they. but most part, people think that it's not their business to be involved in someone's life like that. OR some people might be scared to help a homeless person because some tend to be psychotic and they could do something crazy or stupid like shoot someone or stab someone. idk. just a theory ^__^ lol

drugs and alcohol is most likely to be associated with them being homeless. these things make you go crazy. "latinos they make you go crazy, filipinos make you go crazy, hawaiians make you go crazy, niggas make you go crazy." lmao

Yves said...

Sometimes we make decisions that lead us down a bad path.