Wednesday, November 5, 2008


the two core values that i'm putting my entire faith into.

i think our country is at a point where we cannot afford to just wait and see, we must get up and do what we need to do. the only way is up from here on out. because we as a nation could elect a president not because of his race but because of our firm belief in him, that speaks a million words. Words that tell us of how strong and how loud our voices can be. It'll be a struggle to get through the immense tasks we have ahead of us but we must not falter or lose faith. Doing so would only be a step backward, a step that we can't afford to take in this day and age.

as for the the voters who did not vote for obama or dislike his views, we should all just put that aside because we are human beings fighting to survive and we will only parish if we cannot come together and fix the mistakes that people before us have made.

today is a new day.
and every day after today will be too.

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