Saturday, November 8, 2008

put the cigarette out

trying to quit.

it became a casual "only when i drink" kinda thing,
so let it be.
but when the nights became days, weeks then months...

i couldn't let something take over me.
i don't take shit from nobody...especially a cigarette.
so here's to quitting.

nov. 20 is american smoke out day, NO not burn out weed out day,
it's stoge out day. ha. but i'm gonna start 13 days early. :)

gramma would be proud.
OR inang would prolly just roll me a fresh tobacco leaf from her stash and tell me to smoke that instead..."mmm, dis one."

1 comment:

BarbieVomitx said...

Haha ;) I have the same problem!!!
NO DOUBT, I've been smoking for 4+years and dammit I'm on the verge of TRYING to quit -_-
Its way hard especially while out drinking, I need me a good stooge here and there to keep myself from being faded. LOL