Sunday, December 21, 2008

girly time. dior & escada.

so i'm a major fan of dior's diorshow mascara. its a simple, full brush no-eyelash-curler-needed type of mascara which i absolutely LOVE about it because i'm always in a rush to get ready and get out. it plumps up your lashes and curls it with no effort from you. ha. its $24 at sephora and it comes in black, chestnut, azure blue and plum.

another item that's also available at sephora is escada's new fragrance called ocean lounge. i'm actually still loving their moons parkle but i hafta say that ocean lounge is giving moon sparkle some good rubs. its a fresh, crisp flowery smell. less fruity than moon sparkle. escada's fragrances have always been a hit with me, from pacific paradise to sunset heat. even paris hilton's can can perfume smells like escada. ha. it's $70 for the 3.3 oz bottle.

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