Thursday, February 19, 2009

a crazy month.

so i've been up to lots lately. working on some designs and shit. tryna grind to get my line out. doin more shoots, auditions shit like that. VALENTINE's was the sweetest. my joeDaddy took me on a SURPRISE gondola ride. :) and our good friends from vegas came in to visit during nba all star weekend.

speaking of nba all star weekend. phoenix looked like the inner dc city! crazy! but we did run into larry fitz on our way to nba jam session. and in true hawaii fashion i asked him to do the shaka and he did. ha.

BUT in other news holy fuck CHRIS BROWN! you buss up rihanna's face YET rihanna still texts chris makin sure he's ok and NOT CHEATING ON HER. haaa. oh lord. i'm sorry but this smells like ike and tina. :(

AND Aubrey O'day my new fave ho... since the good girl reversal of nicole richie... git it gurrrl! she's the march feature on playboy. i might just buy my first playboy cuz she's on it. ha. but i think diddy's dumb. sorry he should helped worked things out. they are HIS investment. so why not help to mend things. but they are big girls now sooo if they can't do it then maybe DK is better off BROKEN.

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